PowerStation PS5000R Review

PowerStation PS5000R Review, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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If you drive an older car with an older battery, you might want to consider buying a  battery jump starter. Cold winter months can put a strain on your cars battery, and when you least expect it, your car wont start. This is when a battery jump starter like the PowerStation PS5000R is worth its weight in gold.

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The PowerStation PS5000R is a relatively new addition to the marketplace of battery jump starters but has already received positive reviews. Released early in 2012, it is now available at Amazon. This is the cheapest price I have seen online and currently includes free shipping. The current saving is 55% lower than the RRP

I think anyone who owns a vehicle should carry a battery jump starter in their trunk. Obviously new cars are less likely to have battery troubles, but it is extremely easy to leave an interior light on, or if the kids leave something plugged in a 12v auxiliary socket. If you do drive an older car then the cold weather can drain your batteries power very quickly.

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  • High Build Quality
  • Built In Air Compressor
  • Quite Heavy

If you are searching the market for a battery jump starter, your biggest question should be, is it powerful enough for my car? The PowerStation PS5000R is equipped with a powerfu l8 ampere-hour EHP battery. This will provide 400 cold cranking amps in all extreme conditions. This is plenty of power to get cars, SUV's, minivans and small trucks started again The PowerStation is fitted with 46 inch jumper cables. The cables are mage from 6 gauge wire and have full size clamps. This ensures a good power transfer from the jump starter to the car battery, and the clamp provide good contact, even if there is dirt and corrosion on the battery terminals.

As well as being used as a jump starter, the PS5000R can be used as a power source. It features a DC power outlet. This allows you to plug things directly into the PS500R, making it a convenient portable power supply. For extra convenience, the PowerStation has been fitted with an air compressor. This is excellent for times when you notice your tires are flat or just require a top up with air. This does make the unit a little heavier, it weighs in at 28 lbs, but it saves carrying an extra piece of equipment in your trunk..

For those times when the light is fading, or it is already night time, the PowerStation PS5000R has an ultra bright work lamp. This is great for lighting the engine bay and checking the battery terminals.

I recommend this battery jump starter, its great features and build quality make it a great piece of equipment. It has a high power output, capable of starting most batteries. It has a built in air compressor, and light for clear visibility. Finally it has a great price tag.

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